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Operating Information



Children can commence any time up to 3 years of age (3 ½ at the latest). Children are rarely permitted entry into a Montessori school after turning 4 years of age.


Our licensed hours are from 7.00 am – 6.00 pm daily

The centre operates for 52 weeks per year, but closes on Public Holidays, Staff Inservice days =3 days/yr (see Pupil Free Days), Special events at Christmas & Easter =2 days/yr. Fees apply to these days including parent holidays and sick days.

In order to keep school fees to a minimum there are no discounts provided for time when children are away on holidays.


A minimum of 3 days per week for Preschool

A minimum of 2 days per week for Kinderhaus & Nursery


Payable 4 weeks in advance at the rate of (including public holidays):

$_______________  per day  (Call office for exact amounts)

Children’s bookings can only be accepted on receipt of an enrolment form duly signed by parent or guardian, and accompanied by the listing fee.


  1. There is an annual $120 Activity fee which covers shows/activities that come to the centre.
  2. NSW MONTESSORI MEMBERSHIP = $_______________*At present we do not apply this fee, but we retain the right to renew this membership at the centre’s discretion


A discount applies while more than 1 child is in attendance at the centre. This discount applies to the fees of the 2nd child, and varies depending on their enrolment status. See the following schedule:

If the 2nd Child Is In The O-3 Centre:

  • 8% discount applies if the 2nd child is booked in for 2 days per week.
  • 10% discount applies if the 2nd child is booked in for 3 days per week.
  • 12% discount applies if the 2nd child is booked in for 4 days per week.
  • 15% discount applies if the 2nd child is booked in for 5 days per week.

If The 2nd Child Is In The 3-6 Centre: As above for 3,4, & 5 days


Families who attend our centre are eligible to apply for Child Care Subsidy. Please see Centrelink BEFORE your child attends care. They will assess your income and inform the school of the percentage that they will pay toward your fees. Calculations and adjustments are made AFTER a child commences.

Our service now has additional Fee Relief ($2110.00) for families whose children are 3 years old and older!


One full school months’ notice in writing is required when withdrawing children from the centre. Fees are charged for this month.

(Please note: Child Care Benefit cannot be claimed for any period that a child does not attend the centre. Thus if a child does not attend during the period that notice has been given, then full fees will need to be paid).


Long Day Care children attending the centre are encouraged to sleep/rest during the day. However, no child will be forced to sleep. The length of time a child sleeps/rests is individual and dependent on their needs. Children who do not sleep/rest will be able to do quiet indoor activities.