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Why Montessori ?



The Montessori classroom is a carefully prepared and ordered environment designed to meet the developmental needs of each individual child.


  • Children work in mixed age groups in the prepared environment. The children are grouped into a mixed 3 year age group,  being 0 – 3 years and 3 – 6 years.
  • Children work at their own pace, in a child-centred director facilitated environment.
  • Children work both individually and cooperatively to develop social responsibility and communication skills
  • Children choose their own work independently from the presentations they have received
  • Children begin with concrete materials and move to abstraction when they understand the concept
  • A three-hour work cycle gives the children an opportunity to build concentration
  • Discipline in the classroom is a balance between freedom and responsibility to develop the whole child
  • The classroom is a secure, relaxed and happy place for children to learn
  • The atmosphere in the class is non-competitive with natural consequences instead of rewards and punishments
  • Teachers are called ‘directors’ because they guide and facilitate children’s learning and experiences giving them the freedom to be independent
  • The director’s role is to observe the child and offer presentations which follow the child’s interests and developmental needs
  • Regular Contact between parents and directors contributes to the whole development of the child


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