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The Christian Element

Our centre maintains the important Christian element central to Montessori teaching.

Each child is a physical, cognitive, and spiritual being. The spiritual development of each child is encouraged in a loving, caring, and nurturing manner aimed at the age of the child. For this age group the centre encourages Christian teaching and values through prayer before meals, bible stories and songs, and staff respond to children’s questions through a Christian and biblical based context. We also have a weekly ‘church time’ (Similar to Sunday school) whereby the children have a special time where they share in a bible story, sing Christian songs, and say a prayer. The true meaning of Easter and Christmas are celebrated in Christian tradition, without any Santa or Easter bunny. Easter is focused on the death and resurrection of Christ, and we celebrate with the giving of Easter eggs, and butterflies (symbolic of new life). For more information on our faith-building activities and values, please come visit us – book a tour here.