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Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) French

ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia). This French language program runs alongside our existing Montessori language program. Ella is a digital program which the children use individually for an hour (3 lots of 20 minutes) every week on a tablet which is specifically designated for this program. For additional detail please go to . Some details from the Ella website is provided below.

*Please be aware that Montessori is NOT a digital program and is fundamentally a hands on (concrete based) learning program.

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) French 1
Beverly Hills Montessori ELC ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) French

What is ELLA?

ELLA is an exciting digital language learning program (French) for preschoolers. It opens up a world of cultural possibilities for children early in life.

Children learn French using play-based apps called The Polyglots. (A polyglot is someone who is multilingual.) They use the apps on tablet devices at preschool. The apps were designed with help from language, early childhood and technology experts.

Meet the Polyglots

The apps have a cast of colourful characters – the Polyglots – who introduce children to a new language (French) through digital play. Experiences match young children’s interests, like cooking, art, building, role-play and music. This means that the apps are as engaging as they are educational.

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) French 2
Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) French 3

Benefits of ELLA

A new language

ELLA is a proven method of language discovery for preschoolers. It can also keep them interested in learning a language at school.

Cultural competency

Children learn to respect diversity as they learn about new cultures. ELLA encourages families to share home languages too.

Cognitive and social skills

ELLA develops children’s social, thinking and digital skills. It supports their literacy, and can even improve memory and concentration