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In the Montessori classroom: children explore the diversity of culture, background and traditions of China

In the Montessori classroom: children explore the diversity of culture, background and tradition and understand that diversity presents opportunities and new choices (EYLF Outcome 2.2)

During the week, we have been introducing the children to China. The children learnt many things about China, in particular, the national flag and where China is located on the world map the languages spoken as well as special landmarks. We will be revisiting our previous theme-Australia during next week.


School Readiness: Children convey and construct messages with purpose and confidence, building on literacy skills (EYLF Outcome 5.2)

During the week, the children have been busy working on worksheets that help them in developing cognitive thinking skills as well as fine motor skills. They discussed with Charlotte and Shirley rules that they came up with and also talked about what is involved with handling materials and resources are also provided with ample opportunities to choose activities based on their own learning needs from the shelf.


Indoor and Outdoor activities: Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence and imagination (EYLF Outcome 4.1)

This week the children engaged in a number of activities indoors and outdoors. Indoors – Shirley was sitting with the children to demonstrate how to use the new stencils where the children can see the pattern as they draw onto the stencil using crayons and pencils for art and craft. Outdoors- this week started with high temperatures, The children, however, were fortunate to be able to enjoy the outdoors later in the week. However, when the weather was nice and warm the children enjoyed the opportunity to bath the dolls . The children also enjoyed playing in the shade as they tried to keep cool.

Craft: children use the creative arts such as drawing, painting, and storytelling to express ideas and make meaning (EYLF Outcome 5.3)

This week, the children loved participating in art and craft. We also made using recycled paper rolls, as well as boomerangs using paper plates to follow up from the previous theme- Australia. The children also explored and experimented as they were taking part in mirror painting and creating the opera house.

Church:  Bible Story- “Stilling the tempest”- Mark 4: 35-41

We also prayed for the children who are leaving for the big school that Jesus will put them in good hands in their new journey, and they will soon make good friends and enjoy learning together in the new environment.

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In the Montessori classroom: children explore the diversity of culture, background and traditions of China 1

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