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Little Scientists House Certification

What is a Little Scientists House?

We are very proud to be a Little Scientist House (which runs in conjunction to our Montessori program). What does this actually mean? Becoming a Little Scientists House shows our centre’s dedication to early childhood STEM education (STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

We have a special certification plaque (which is mounted on our front fence) that is a signal to our children, parents and the wider community that we have a commitment to providing quality, hands-on, inquiry-based STEM learning.

The Little Scientists Program

As Little Scientists, we believe that to discover the joy of STEM, children need to be given the opportunity to explore the world in a nurturing and playful setting that boosts their natural eagerness to learn. Our overarching goal is to enable access to high quality education for all children from an early age and to ensure the competitiveness of Australia’s workforce in the future.

Our holistic science program empowers our children to explore STEM with confidence and joy. We provide a range of tools and educational concepts that support the implementation of child-led discovery and research experiments. To make scientific exploration as accessible as possible, all our experiements are built around using existing, low-cost, everyday materials. We have numerous photos on display for the families of our 0-3yrs and 3-6yrs showing many of our exciting science experiments.